TranslateHello enthousiastic participants, there is he again. It is sunday evers.
This occassion a little bit different then plain. This occassion search I 2 songs. And now also a Dutch song there by! Translated in the English.
Man man man, I am me there also one hear!


Number 1:
When I home came was the door in front me up lock

And you did whether you nothing had heard

Now say you my sweet the lock was damaged

Now say you come inside walk through

But I am now scared that I disturb


Nummer 2:
Wanneer ik kon maken een wens

Ik denk ik wilde balnaarmedespeler

Kan niet denk als iets ik nodig

Nee sigaretten, nee slaap, nee licht, nee geluid

Niets naar eten, nee boeken naar lees


Good luck but again!


4 thoughts on “#CTS

  1. Mack schreef:

    Is the firste from busywork? And the seconde I know alone after that I have magiced, so I shall it not farclappen.


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