TranslateYou sitting naturally already equally to wait for ‘Count the Song’?
That oh so funny musical internet gamepje.
Well, here is he hear!

Do with and win a fantastic prise!


Ik doe niet weet hoe veel sterren daar zijn

op in de hemelse lucht

Ik alleen weet mijn hemel is hier aan Aarde

Elk tijd jij kijk in naar mijn ogen

De weg jij doet, klein kind

Dank jou, dank jou jong kind


10 thoughts on “#CTS

  1. Mack schreef:

    I think it is Jack’s zoon, Michael.


  2. Mack schreef:

    Thank you well. You can on me counting.


  3. Mack schreef:

    Me too. I must closegiven, that I this well a nice little game find.

    Liked by 1 persoon

    • von Bloghausen schreef:

      Well, thank you well. I wanted there owncorps with upkeepen but if you it nice find, go I there already with through.

      Liked by 1 persoon

      • Jolie schreef:

        It would sin be around there with up to keepen, it is one of the few blog-theme’s where I around must schaterlachen. (Can you believe the dictionary said “nicker” for “schaterlachen”…? That can a mens though not up-writen?)
        I will just saying: “Counsel the song but again” is extremely funny, just like its Comments like the ones you and Mack wrote herebove šŸ™‚


      • von Bloghausen schreef:

        Well Jolie, around honest to be, I chat my thigh also often hear


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